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December 26 Death
November 30 Grant Application
December 31 Treasure
January I'm still thinking about it...
January I'm thinking about it...
November 11 Yellow
August 04 Sweet's Meadow in August
July 27 Tower of Babel
April 23 Raggies again
April 16 Parting brass rags
April 14 Self Portraits
April 13 The way things really are.
March 31  
March 30  
March 29  
March 28  
March 27  
March 20  
March 18  
March 07  
February 12 New Year's Day 4700 Sunset
February 01 Sweet's Meadow: Winter
January 20 Portrait
January 19 Some people
July 28 Hauling myself up by the bootstraps...
April 05 If I could talk to the animals...
April 02 Aurora Watch
March 23 Water, water everywhere.
March 22 Energy Workers Unite!
March 18 Why & Wherefore
March 17 Sleepy Time Gal
March 14 Progress
March 13
March 11 Indoor Gardening
March 06 Nor'easter
February 23 Winter White
February 20 An unfortunate book...
February 17 If wishes were horses...
February 14 Wasting Time Sleeping; Cupid: Marksman or Joker?
February 04 Waiting for the thaw...
February 01 Taking aim at spring.
January 21 Do you hear what I hear?
January 06 Written In the Stars— er, Newspaper.
December 04 One week— and a day. ( Chakras )
November 27 Is your underwear on right side out?
November 25 Teaching stones to talk.
November 24 Kindred Spirits/Dharma Lesson.
November 22 Qi Questions.
November 19 Pain still unresolved.
November 17 Falling into place.
November 16 Walking it out.
November 15 Hurting.
November 13 A rose, is a rose, is a rose— or is it?
November 12 Push Hands.
November 11 Falling Leaves.
November 05 Take a Hike, Lizzie.
November 04 The Happy Wanderer.
October 31 Witch.
October 29 Patience.
October 22 Walking on rice paper.
October 19 Telling tales out of school.
October 18 Finding my Way.
October 17 Hands. Company in Noticing.
October 14 Walking
October 13 Yin & Yang
October 12 With interest, compounded.
October 07 "... And summer's lease hath all too short a date."
September 30 Days of Grace.
September 27 My sword and my shield... defenseless. Exiled.
September 23 A solemn promise.
September 20 Lizzie's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Rotten Day
September 18 Cleaning House
September 15 Hubris
September 12 Distraction
September 10 Best Friends
September 09 Lonesome time.
September 06 Another dead cat.
September 05 "Soong."
September 03 I visit the dead.
August 31 Chi... When the student is ready...
August 30 Chi
August 29 Making time; Epiphany-- Ma, a Zen Master?
August 22 On the line between kiss & kill
August 21 The Moolennium Maize
August 20 Music
August 19 Revenant Again
August 18 Letting the Mud Settle
August 17 The Color of Sky & Water
July 14 On the learning curve...
July 08 A death.
June 30 Too tired.
June 21 On the Unsunny Side of the Street
June 14 Refugee from Babel
June 08 Clout, or O.D.'d on WWII
June 07 Excuses, excuses...
May 21 Rewrite! I want a rewrite!; The X-Files & the Implied Close Encounter
May 18 Lilac scented night... Bad TV.
May 17 Blackbirds are back in the meadow... neat.
May 16 We fit ourselves to the paint... and read books.
May 07 Madwoman Revenant
April 18 Recherché Réchauffé.
April 14 Down Among the Male Chauvinist Hogs
April 12 Hiding Out: Books & Movies Galore
April 04 I "Publish" My Oobleck Recipe
April 01 Duct Tape: Useful But Politically Incorrect
March 26 Addiction.
March 19 If I only knew what turns you on...
March 17 ... but who's counting?
March 15 Beware the Ides of March
March 12 Things Ripley wouldn't believe; Dr. Scully's [lack of] Practice; Hiding from the Mundane
March 10 Weatherwise and Otherwise
March 07 Space Weather Watch; T'ai Chi Chuan
March 06 Computers
March 04 Messing about
February 22 Get outta town!
February 20 Pressure
February 18 The Truth is Out There
February 15 Post Valentine Blues
February 09 Lizzie, Book Hunter (for the Tri-State Area)
January 20 Watching and listening through the night
January 10 The Art of Storytelling: The X-Files P's Me Off Again.
January 07 Strange Bedfellows.
January 06 Nada de particular.
January 03 Off planet entirely.
January 02 Out in the Zones.
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Meditation 1
Morning Song of Senlin; Ties; Handsome, well-dressed-men;
Special Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny)

Meditation 2
Storytelling: Under construction...

Meditation 3
Love?: Under construction...





The X Files: Fight the Future





Seventh Season Commentaries

As I add this comment, in February 2000, I have to say that, in spite of a bad start, [ Review ], the Seventh Season has been... interesting. However, I am disgusted by the lack of critical thinking in most reviews I have read, amusing as some of them are.

It seems to be as I feared: the inadequacies of the scripts are being compensated for by the viewers/ reviewers. True, there has been much that is good, but it is well to at least acknowledge the bad. I don't love the show less for its failings-- "Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds," as the man said-- but, though "winged cupid is often painted blind," blindness isn't required.

Sixth Season Commentaries

1: The Beginning
2: Drive
3: Triangle
4 & 5: Dreamland I & II
6: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
7: Terms of Endearment
8: The Rain King
9 & 10: S.R. 819 & Tithonus
11 & 12: Two Fathers / One Son
13: Agua Mala
14: Monday
15: Arcadia
16: Alpha
17: Trevor
18: Milagro
19: The Unnatural
20: Three of a Kind
21: Field Trip
22: Biogenesis

Here you will find X-Files reviews which I enjoyed reading:
[Autumn Tysko's Sixth Season Reviews]


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