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6 March 2000

I have a headache. Again. The new computer arrived ten days ago. I still haven't rung all the bells or blown all the whistles. I really like the flat-screen monitor, but, as for the rest of the system, I'm not sure I haven't bought myself a fast, expensive headache...

I mean, when you have 256MBs of SDRAM and you aren't running anything but Windows98 and IE5.0, and all you want to do is check a setting in the Control Panel, you shouldn't get a message saying, "System resources too low. Close applications and try again." Outside of running Windows98 instead of Windows95, I wasn't doing anything I couldn't do on the old machine that only had 28MB of RAM. Gawd. It makes me think that this purchase may have been a mistake... and I'll have four years of paying for it...

(Marvin's comment on computers-- in case you didn't catch it when this page opened.)

Oh, heck. Maybe it's just the retrograde talking. Mercury has been doing quite a number on everyone and everything for the past few weeks. For those of you who don't know, Mercury is the planet of communication. It is now in retrograde motion, and will remain so until St. Patrick's Day. I've seen more glitches and communication problems since this retrograde began to manifest (around February 21st) than I've seen in the past two years.

Last week, one of the printers at the library decided to print in gigantic letters. You know, three or four huge letters to a page. Then it was fine for a day, then it did it again. Then the library's server went down for a day. A couple of people's phones went out. Bills went missing-- payments, too, for all I know so far. Cars wouldn't start. Messages of all kinds, written and verbal, were garbled. Documents lost...

The Reference Computer managed to play a completely different program from the one linked to the program icon, in spite of the security system and the hard-coded path. But, it's okay now. Go figure.

Tonight, unbeknownst to me, I left Ma's house with her TV remote in my pocket. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine asking me what I'd done with it. I was quite insulted until I unzipped my jacket and saw the remote sticking out of my shirt pocket.

And then, just a few minutes ago I was-- never mind. Just thinking about all the odd glitches I've been encountering on this computer is making my headache worse.

On the other hand, some things seem to have gone smoothly. And other things have seemed to go frighteningly right.

But, the operative word is "seemed." I wonder how many messes there will be to clean up when Mercury goes direct.


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