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06 March 2001

I began making this entry last night— early this morning, when the falling snow was keeping the world quiet. It was quite beautiful out there walking back from Ma's. The snow wasn't too deep and it was stuck thickly on all the trees and wires, and the wind was hardly stirring— that made me feel bad for the pines, and I wished the wind would kick up and send the snow and ice flying.

Anyway, I was doing a little work last night, and by the time I got around to the journal, the phone lines had decided they'd had enough and I called it quits, too. I took my head and neck aches up to bed and read a couple of chapters in Tony Hillerman's Coyote Waits. I should've gone to sleep, but, what the heck? What with this big ol'nor'easter sitting over us, I figured I wouldn't need to be up early.

I only hauled myself out of bed this morning when I heard the phone. It's funny, I never used to care about getting phone calls, but now I find myself hoping desperately that each call will be from someone interesting asking me to do something interesting. I guess I'm really bored with my own company and my own doings. Anyway, this morning, it was only Cindy telling me that since the Town Hall wasn't open, the Library wasn't going to open either. (Cindy's in charge this week while the Director is on vacation.)

The storm was pretty much over by the time I got up, and all the neighbors were well on the way to being dug out. We got about a foot of snow here, deeper in places because of drifting, heavy wet stuff, but not too bad. I made myself some Holly Golightly decaf (Why do I bother?) and went out and swept the back porch knowing that I'd need the practice space today: the schools are closed, so there won't be any t'ai chi lesson tonight. Rats.

Anyway, after I swept the back porch (there was less than an inch of drifted snow), I finished my coffee and decided to do the front of the house. The house faces north and there was over a foot of snow on the stairs and along the sidwalk. But I only shovel a path the width of the snow shovel, so it only took me fifteen minutes to clear a path across the porch, down the steps, down the walk, down the steps to the street, along the sidewalk, and up the driveway to the driver's side of the Jeep. After that, I took a break and had another cup of coffee. Then I started up the Jeep, put it in four-wheel drive, and began the process of backing up, going forward, then shoveling the tops off the high spots until I could get the Jeep easily in and out of the driveway. Took another fifteen minutes, and there I was, all dug out.

And no place to go. Library's closed. Peter's birthday party has been cancelled (We were going to order in Chinese at the café). And there's no t'ai chi. And I don't even have to go dig Ma out because her neighbor already did that. (She has excellent neighbors. He even cleared off the top of her car. I don't even do that.) Guess I'll just have to find ways to amuse myself today. Maybe, after practice, I'll go for a walk.


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