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21 August 2000

Should you be interested in a family outing, I would like to recommend a trip to farmer Louis Escobar's Moolennium Maize. It's located in Portsmouth, RI, on Route 114. Take Route 24 south to the Route 114 exit. Go south. A couple of miles down, start looking to your right for a big farm stand. At that corner, low to the ground, you'll see a small sign: "Corn Maze -->" Follow the signs. (If you're in doubt about directions, Mr. Escobar is listed in the phone book.)

There is an entry fee. The maze covers about 5 acres, by the look of it. It could be bigger-- the whole corn field looks to be around 80 acres total. From the air-- there was a picture in Saturday's Journal-- you can see that the upper maze is shaped like a cow topped by a cursive rendition of the word "Moolennium." It's pretty cool. And walking around inside it is quite a lot of fun. We went through twice. I don't know how many miles we walked, but on the way home, the kids-- who had bubbled with irrespressible energy at the start-- sat almost absolutely still and said nary a word.

We had an excellent outing-- be sure to choose a cool day to visit the maze, else you may find it stifflingly hot inside! Exercise, fresh air. While we were walking the maze we got to see a red tailed hawk circling overhead, and in the hay field where we parked dragonflies filled the sky like flights of bombers. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


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