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17 March 2001

St. Patrick's Day and I forgot to put the whiskey out for the leprechauns.

For the past four days I've been keeping the back door open while I have breakfast and practice. It's not so very warm, but oh! it's nearly spring.

Today, all I can hear are mourning doves and one other "chirper." Yesterday, there was a small brown bird singing— warbling?— "doodle-dee-doo, doodle-dee-doo, doodle-dee-doo." I don't ever remember hearing that song before. If the singer reappears, I'll try to train the binoculars on him.

The muscles in the sides of my neck are stiff and sore. It began yesterday. I woke up and found that I couldn't turn my head left or right— not without a lot of pain and effort. It didn't bother my practice. But it was uncomfortable all day. I took some aspirin. Last night, after supper I took a long nap. Until bedtime.

Today, I slept late, and found my neck's a little better. I can't imagine what I did.

Well, the sun's on the porch. Time to practice.


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