7 March 2000

There's a birdsfoot violet in bloom over at the library...

I had the back door open today. It's closed now, but not because it's too cold. I only closed it because I think it will get colder before morning, and I might forget to close it when I go to bed, not being used to having it open, and all.

The mild weather is nice, but it's making the sky cloudy and that means I can't see the aurora. If there is one. There's an Aurora Watch on. Check out for all the latest.

Twenty years ago April, I remember watching one of the most spectacular auroral displays ever seen in these latitudes (+/- 42N). I was down in Jamestown, and Nicky and I happened outside. The colors were rolling across the northern horizon and up the sky like a light show. Red, green, blue, yellow. It was amazing. It lasted for hours. Since then I've seen a few good displays, but nothing so colorful as that one-- unless you count the bright green curtains-- just like in the movies-- my folks and I saw hanging in the sky when I was a little kid. (Aurora History) Here's hoping these sunspots remain vigorously active.

Last night Ma and I went to our first T'ai Chi class. It was very neat. Just what I have been looking for. Ma hadn't a clue what I had gotten her into, of course. But she's willing to stick with it in spite of being so stiff that she's unsteady on her feet and feels like a klutz. It will get better. She kept having to drop out, standing to the side, and she thought I was going to yell at her; but since my thigh muscles were quivering from the effort of doing the basic "commencing form," I knew she must have really been feeling the strain...

It's funny, the movements are very gentle, and not hurried, flowing, as advertised, but it produces a profound effect. We got a great deal of exercise. I could feel myself beginning to get very warm from the effort. And yet, it didn't exhaust me. And neither Ma nor I had any aches or stiffness today.

What we're learning is the Yang Style Taijiquan, Simplified 24 Form. According to the info sheet, " is the most popular form today all over the world because of its even, flowing, slow, circular movements." I believe it. We're also being taught some Qi Gong, or breathing exercises. Did you know that there's an Olympic form of T'ai Chi? Yep. And a bunch of other forms, too.

The instructor is a local guy, come to find out. You can find him at Dalant Studios.

This is an excellent adventure, as Bill and Ted might say. And on Thursday Ma and I start Yoga.


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