6 January 2000

Today is Sherlock Holmes's birthday. Epiphany. Twelfth Night.

Yesterday I indulged myself and bought books. They were on sale: Buy three bargain books, get a fourth (the least expensive) free. I bought a Farside collection, a Patrick McManus, a Kinky Friedman, and a book of erotica. For some unfathomable reason, the McManus was the cheapest at $3.99-- and it was a hardcover, as were the rest of them. (The others were $4.99 each.) I also bought a set of Living Language Spanish tapes.

I bought the Farside (Larson), and the McManus because, when I'm feeling down, I know they'll make me laugh. I bought the Friedman because I like his stuff-- it's nice to find someone working off the same database. And the erotica, well, somtimes I just want to read a bit of erotica. The Spanish tapes were bought in response to a kind of resolution-- more a promise to myself, really. It bothers me that, nowadays, I only almost know what they're saying when I watch the Spanish station, and there was a time when I mostly knew what they were saying.

I played the first of the Spanish tapes on the way back from shopping, repeating the Spanish words and phrases out loud as I drove along. (I remembered more than I thought I would.) Then, last night, I read some of the erotica (excerpts from fairly well-known erotic literature-- including some deadly poetry) which didn't do much for me; so then I read the Kinky Friedman, Roadkill, which did. In this one, he was on the road with Willie Nelson. Cool. I read the whole book before I went to sleep.

But that was all yesterday. Today-- Sherlock Holmes's birthday; Epiphany; Twelfth Night-- I went to the periodontist to have my upper left quadrant "deep cleaned." And that's as exciting as it got. The novocane didn't interfere with my Spanish pronunciation; and the cleaning didn't stop me from eating dinner.

I remember wishing as I got ready for bed that I hadn't already read the whole of the Kinky Friedman. Rats.


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