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13 April 02


"... I was functioning, moving forward, solving the problems one at a time, but it was as if the very ground I walked on, the air I breathed was precarious and new. As if everything had changed, because I had changed. I knew better. I knew that no matter how bad you feel, or what horrible thing happens to you, that the world just keeps on going. That the rest of the world doesn't even realize that the monsters are eating your heart. A long time ago it used to bother me that I could be in such confusion, such pain, and the world just didn't give a shit. The world, the creation as a whole, is designed to move forward, to keep on without any one individual person. It feels impersonal, and it is. But, then, if the world stopped rotating just because one of us was having a bad day, we'd all be floating out in space.

"So I huddled in the passenger seat of my Jeep in that late darkness and knew that only I had changed. But it was such a big change that it felt like the world should have changed its orbit, just a little."

Anita Blake
From "Narcissus in Chains"
by Laurell K. Hamilton (Berkley, 2001)



So true— so awfully true. I hate change.

But I love a writer who knows how life really is.


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