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December 27 Jester:
The Online Joke Recommender from UC Berkeley. Good for a laugh.
December 25 The X-Files Puzzle Sequence:
Something to do if you have time on your hands.
November 15 The Worst X-Files Episode Ever
November 10 X-Files Season Premiere Review
November 09 Mercury Retrograde Again; 25th World Fantasy Convention
October 25 Melancholy Birthday Thoughts
October 08 More Reading as Summer Ends
October 03 Aggravation; The Write Stuff
September 28 Effects of Adrenalin & Caffeine; Readings; Confucius's Birthday
September 09 Old Programmers; The Art of Illustration?
August 24 When will it all end?
August 09 Drought
July 23 Next time you're in Margaritaville, Jimmy...
July 18 A really boring entry.
July 14 "Alice, you're going to the moon."
July 08 Me, the night, and the music...
July 01 An Independence Day Quiz
June 28 Ongoing... going on...
June 07 Hot weather, not much happening...
May 29 "Engage impulse:" A career to consider...
May 27 The game of Life
May 20 Predictable consequences... Karmic consequences.
May 17 Building continues... Unmoved by The X-Files finale.
May 12 Building Castles in the Kitchen
May 11 You are here.
May 07 Navigating: The Polynesians, Mark Twain, and Ursula K. LeGuin
May 05 Extra! Extra! Read All About It! or Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
May 01 Trying to Focus
April 29 The Future, In Sound and Pictures
April 13 Excelsior!
April 08 A day of small pleasures
April 02 Changes...
March 31 [In process...]
March 29 [In process...]
March 27 Addendum to: 14 Feb 99: Lydia, the Tattooed Lady
March 25 A sonnet to think about
March 18 Life Changes; Inventory
March 04 Weahtre
March 01 Rainy Days and Mondays; Chain Mail
February 26 Into the Stygian Pits
February 24 Cultivating an Amused Detachment in the Midst of the Maelstrom
February 22 Incommunicado. Temporarily. I hope.
February 21 Excerpt from Providence, an X-Files story.
February 18 Random Poems for a Dull and Uninspiring February Day
February 16 A Better Definition of Myself
February 14 The X-Files: Full Disclosures that Didn't Happen
February 09 Pocketses
February 08 Making Friends
February 02 Another problem with this Journal... Groundhog Day
January 27 My problem with this Journal...
January 24 The Best X-Files Episode Ever
January 10 One must have a mind of winter...
December 10 If I Want To...Passport to Adventure
December 07 Subtleties of the Art of Storytelling as Applicable to The X-Files
December 06 The weather is here...
November 29 Thankful for... ?
November 22 Back to... normal?
November 20 Perspective
November 19 The Discovery Channel: Strange Memories: Tea, Touring, & Passion
November 15 Needful Things; The Leonids Meteor Shower
November 08 Storytelling: Kvetching About the X-Files
November 01 A New Look for the Journal
October 29 The cure or the disease?
October 28 Generations.
October 27 Bugs.
October 14 Mootsy in the Mesozoic.
October 08 Boyle in Hell!
October 05 Ila Borders: To Be, Not to Seem to Be, the Best
October 03 Bugs in the System
September 30 Not a Good Day, or What's the World Coming to, Anyway?
September 28 Now Voyeur, or How I Got an Education
September 25 Returned for Regrooving
September 21 Mental Fog and the Art of Claude Monet
September 19 Computer Art or the Benefits of Autistic Therapy
September 17 Johnny Carson Explains Pythagoras' Theorem; Euclid, Diophantus, Fermat, Pascal; Theorems and Proofs; Pythagoras and the Power of Two, in Mathematics as in Life
September 16 Ben & Jerry & Tao te Ching, beating automated phone menus
September 12 "There" vs "Here"
September 09 How to construct a To Do List
September 07 Basic screenwriting for rainy days, beer and skittles
September 05 The moon, WaterFire Providence, City of Providence, Mayor Buddy Cianci,
green hair, Dean Stockwell, another X-Files fiction link (Lynn Gregg)
September 01 Lists, continued; The Labours of Hercules
August 30 The Counterproductive Effect of Long Lists, A Cure for Itchy Bites, The Healing Properties of Spit
August 28 Music Under New York (MUNY), Boston, subways, busking, making music, hippies, happenings
August 26 Sister Wendy Beckett, Reubens, dreams, self image
August 24 Astrology, character, hair coloring
August 20 Tomato plants, ikebana, sundials, The American Stonehenge
August 18 Dr. Seuss, cooking with oobleck, day of grace, rhymes, prophesying in rhyme by sneezing and by crows, W.H. Auden
August 17 Writing & not writing The X-Files Review
August 14 Music, memory, fireflies
August 12 Thunderstorms, Charles de Lint, The Evils of First Person Present Tense Narrative
August 10 Writing, Storytelling, Robert Fulghum, Annie Dillard, Jimmy Buffet, Rudyard Kipling
August 09 Book collecting, Writing, Annie Dillard, Helene Hanff, Doris Kearns Goodwin: Cosmic Baseball Rookies
August 08 A Bad Day
August 06 The X-Files Movie
August 05 Another day
August 04 Politically Incorrect, Thomas Jefferson, Will Rogers, Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Cosmic Baseball Association
August 03 The meaning of Life, Hitchhiker's Guide, Omar Khayyam
August 01 My back porch, kit homes, Haiku, fireflies
July 1998  
July 31: Shakespeare, Macbeth, The Alhambra, Don Juan de Marco, Donald Fagan, Spyro Gyra
July 30: X-Files Fiction, David Sanborn, Men's Ties
July 29: Herman Hesse, The Glass Bead Game, Laurens van der Post



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