Leslie has been studying taijiquan since 2000, and her training in martial arts is ongoing. She has studied Yang and Chen styles of taijiquan, including taiji sword, chang dao, and push hands. Recently she has been studying Wudang staff and sword, as well as other martial arts, including Okinawan kobujutsu and Philippine stick fighting. She has also trained in, and practices, mindfulness meditation, as well as various martial arts meditation techniques.

Awards and Certifications

Leslie is certified in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis®, a form recognized and adopted by the Arthritis Foundation for its proven benefits for arthritis sufferers. She offers coaching in all of Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Health methods, and lessons in any of the T'ai Chi for Health forms are available by special arrangement. Please see the Lessons page for more information.

In 2013, the Tai Chi for Health Community awarded Leslie a full scholarship to attend Dr. Paul Lam's week-long Tai Chi for Health workshop in New London, Connecticut, USA, where she earned a certificate in Push Hands.

Ongoing Studies


Certificate in Yang Style 42 Competition Sword [Jian] Form at Dr. Lam's June week-long workshop in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Master Bing: Wudang Tai He Gun [Great Harmony Staff]

Master Bing: Wudang Tai Yi Fu Chen [Daoist Whisk]


Master Bing: Wudang Tai He Dao [Great Harmony Saber]