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The Eight Truths of T'ai Chi


  1. Do not be concerned with form or with the ways in which form manifests. It is best to forget your own existence.


  2. Your body should be transparent and empty; inside and outside should become one.


  3. Learn to ignore the external. Follow the natural way, and allow your mind to guide you to act spontaneously, in accordance with the moment.


  4. The sun sets on the western mountain; the cliff thrusts out, suspended in space. Perceive the vastness of the ocean, the immensity of the sky.


  5. The roar of the tiger is deep and mighty. The cry of the monkey is high and shrill. Refine your spirit, cultivating the positive and the negative.


  6. The water of the pond lies still and placid. The water of the spring is clear like crystal. Make your mind like the water, and your spirit like the spring.


  7. The river roars, the ocean boils. Make your ch'i like the forces of nature.


  8. Seek perefection sincerely. Establish life. When your spirit is settled, you may cultivate your ch'i.


The Five Virtues
The Keys to Practice


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