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June 2000

There was only one journal entry related to t'ai chi this month.

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Last March I asked David, my T'ai Chi instructor, what he was saying at the end of the session. It sounded like "shee-shee." It was Chinese, of course. He gave me the address of a website where I could learn Chinese. I investigated and found out a lot about the Chinese language. Like, for instance, the difference between saying "I arrived on a plane," and "I arrived on a fat chicken," is only a matter of intonation-- and here's a thought: that means the Chinese don't have homonyms-- words that are spelled and pronounced alike, but mean quite different things-- so, what do they do for puns? Or is it enough to hear people declare they've just arrived on a fat chicken?

And so I've always dabbled at other languages, but I've never stuck with the learning, though I've regretted it. It's not that I'm lazy or undisciplined, but one needs to use a language...

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