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July 2000

There was only one journal entry related to t'ai chi this month.

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No aurora to be seen. One green firefly, one near-full moon, and a sky full of interesting clouds slipping about among the stars. Beautiful night.

This week I'm on the learning curve— and it's a steep one this time. I love learning, but I really, really, really hate the feeling of being profoundly stupid that is the precursor of the acquisition of the knowledge. Really. I've been feeling stupid all week. Computers. Pfui.

And to add to it, I'm on the T'ai Chi learning curve, too. I know all 24 forms now, but, of course, I perform them badly— no, that's not true. I perform them as a beginner does. Badly, but only by reason of being a beginner. Now that I have the idea of the forms, though, I have to work on the execution— the practice. And that means the instructor is going to correct me. And he does. And that means I feel stupid. (But I still really, really enjoy T'ai Chi.)

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