Another Aspect of Blake's 7

By James I. Ide

Introductory Notes


The Storyline

The storyline of Undercurrents: Another Aspect of Blake's 7 runs concurrently with Episodes 7 through 13 of Series C, and Episodes 1 and 2 of Series D, providing a plausible "undercurrent" to the series storyline, plus an original independent storyline.

It isn't necessary that one be familiar with the television episodes to enjoy Undercurrents, but if possible, one should view the episodes, or refresh one's memory of them, before reading the chapters.

Script summaries can be found at www.blakes7.com and scripts can be found at Loren Peace's Script Archive.

The Blake's 7 books, and videos of all the episodes can be bought from Amazon.com, and, if you make a purchase using New Moon's Amazon.com links, the commission on the sales will go to the author.

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Please Note: Chapter XIV of Undercurrents is rated "R" for adult content.

Copyright Notice

Undercurrents © Copyright 1990, 1991 by James Ide. Undercurrents online version © Copyright 1999 by New Moon. Original Illustrations © Copyright 1999 by Leslie Mundy.

Blake's 7 and all the characters belong to the BBC and Terry Nation. No infringement of any existing copyright is intended or implied.

All original story copyrights reserved.

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"There are plenty of surprises for the Blake's 7 fan. Ide takes constants from the BBC series and presents a whole new set of variables... If you enjoy Blake's 7, you will enjoy Undercurrents." -- Christy Gray, Who's Times

"[James Ide's] style is both clean and entertaining, and I think he's going to become a major name in Blake's 7 fan fiction." -- Michael Macomber, Liberator's Log

"I define 'skillfully crafted' as a story that keeps me turning the pages as well as involved with the characters. Undercurrents did that rather nicely." -- Jean Graham, The Revel Times

Author's Note from the First Edition

Not so long ago, I discovered Blake's 7 quite by accident one Sunday night on my local PBS station, and it struck me immediately as being the most entertaining television programme I had ever seen. Not because it was perfect, but because it was so beautifully theatrical and so alive. Everyone who ever played a part in bringing Blake's 7 to life, the actors, writers, directors, producers, technicians, assistant assistant assistants, gofers, tea ladies-- in short, everyone who contributed to creating the wonderful entertainment of Blake's 7, must be very proud indeed to have been part of it.

This novel was written as an entertainment, too-- in fact, I had intended only to write an amusing story for my cousin, a Blake's 7 fan of many years standing, but, much to my surprise, it turned into something more...

And the result is now being published in fandom. I only hope you all enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed watching Blake's 7.

James Ide, New Moon
January 1991


If this book were to include a bibliography, the following would be cited: "Avon: A Terrible Aspect" by Paul Darrow. An amazing depth of interpretation can be achieved by both writers and actors when a character has some history, but, when one has a complete biography to draw from--! I'd have to be a fool not to seize such an advantage. Thank you for the biography, Mr. Darrow. --JI

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