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Yang Style: The 32 Sword Forms


Opening form

Section I:

  • Three Rings Around the Moon
  • Standing on One Leg to Thrust
  • Swallow Skims Across Water
  • Carry Sword to the Right
  • Carry Sword to the Left
  • Sounding the Sea
  • Withdrawing Sword in Empty Stance
  • Birds Return to the Tree at Dusk

Section II:

  • Dragon Sweeping Tail
  • Green Dragon Emerges from Water
  • Turn Around and Carry Sword
  • Retreat and Carry Sword
  • Tiger Holding Head
  • Wild Horse Leaps Over Creek
  • Cut Upward in Empty Stance
  • Scoop the Moon from the Sea Bottom

Section III:

  • Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
  • White Ape Offers Fruit
  • Parry in Left Bow Stance
  • Parry in Right Bow Stance
  • Parry in Left Bow Stance
  • Step Forward and Plunge Backwards
  • Comet Chases the Moon
  • Horse Flies Across the Sky

Section IV:

  • Stand on One Leg and Lift Sword
  • Cutting in Bow Stance
  • Cut Downwards in Empty Stance
  • Geese Spread Wings
  • Step Back to Attack
  • Withdrawing Sword
  • Wind Sweeps Plum Blossoms
  • Thrust Forward in Bow Stance

Closing Form

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