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June 2006

01: Thursday

No practice. Nothing to speak of, anyway.

02: Friday

Too warm and too humid turning to rain...

Kicking exercises tonight in the living room. If I'd allowed myself to go with the general feel of today, it've been kicking and screaming exercises. But I left it at kicking...

It takes very little effort to kick now. I have control. But my technique needs lots of effort. The double lotus kicks are the most interesting right now. For instance, How high should I place my hands [targets]? The point isn't where my hands are, of course, and it only makes a difference when doing the exercise, but such a decision changes the kicks...

I've been doing the three exercises Lili taught me, and I thinking that I need to work out another exercise for tornado foot— xuan fei jiao. That kick isn't settled in my mind yet, the app isn't clear. I need to think on it.

Wish I had a place big enough to practice bo and chang dao when it rains...

03: Saturday

Rain... humid. It's only 58º, but feels too warm. The strange thing, though, is that warm as it seems, I can see my breath...

Some Chen... This should be easy. After all, I only have to get one move right: the one I'm doing... It should be easy...

I do some things correctly. Others are incorrect, I know; but only practice will show me how to correct them...

I haven't looked at the CDs yet. Maybe later: this rain isn't going to let up for a while yet...

04: Sunday

Gray... but at least the rain has stopped.

24 Form seems to easy now, and it is easy. And yet, now, each time through I am aware of how much more there is to explore in each move... now I can perceive the depths; now I know they're there...

Someday, it will all be like this. Chen, chang dao, bo, whatever. I'll know the depths and be able to choose whether to plumb them...

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