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  Dumb things I gotta do...

   Kill Hydra
Capture boar of Erymanthus
Capture Ceryneian Hind
Drive away/destroy birds Lake Stymphalus
Get Hippolytas' girdle
Clean Augean Stables
Capture Minoan bull
Round up Diomedes' mares
Return Geryon's oxen
Hesperides' apples-- Atlas?
Fetch Cerberus from underworld

That, of course, was Hercules' list. Good man. Disciplined. Determined. Set that man a task, and you can tick the box quicker 'n the cat can lick her ear! Helluva good man.

Remember my list? 19 Items-- 7 more than Hercules. Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to rewrite it as a series of smaller lists. I thought it would be simple. But-- it was like dealing with the friggin Hydra. For every item I went to transfer, I'd think of two more needed doing! It got worse and worse... I finally just added everything I could think of to the original list.

Then I sat and stared at it for a while.

Then I took it and buried it face down on the table, under all the crap I'm supposed to put away-- I didn't even count how many items were on it.

After a while, I remembered it was August 31, and that meant there was-- rats! One. More. Item. Taking a clean, small sheet of paper, I wrote:

   Do bills!

And this morning, this is what it looked like:

   Do bills!

I think I'll have it framed.




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