15 November 98


A Meteoroid is comet dust and such,
Out in space, not doing much;
And Meteor is the flash it shows
As flying though earth's air it goes.
But if it finally hits the ground,
Then it's a Meteorite when it's found.
-- The Madwoman

After a hectic week, today I did what was necessary, no more. Laundry. The Leonid Meteor Shower Page for the library. I e-mailed a couple of people to tell them that the episode of Discovery Magazine my friend Lew and I appear in (we hope) will air on Wednesday, November 18th, at 9:00pm EST on the Discovery Channel (naturally). If we didn't wind up on the cutting room floor, Lew is the bearded lawyer and I'm the blonde (one of my many wigs) woman in the beige suit sitting in the gallery behind him.

Other than that, I watched The X-Files: Drive (I enjoyed it.), then I took Ma's laundry over to her house. On the way home, I stopped to watch for meteors, but, in spite of the clear weather and a perfect view of the sky, I didn't see a one. Saw two airplanes, and a couple of con-trails, and a lot of stars, but no meteors-- though, as I was driving Janice to Chepachet last night, I think I saw a fireball. I can't be positive; there's been no confirmation. But I've been watching the skies for enough years to know it wasn't Jupiter, nor any other planet or star, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't an airplane or any reflection of a streetlamp on the clouds: what I saw developed a tail before it disappeared behind the trees. Neat.

I've been looking over my handwritten journal. I do write nearly every day, but... I don't know what I should put out here anymore. I've got to really think about what the purpose of this site is...

I'll let you know.



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