1 May 99

I have new glasses. The right lense isn't, again, but I spent some time with the technician this afternoon and he thinks he's figured out the problem. Meanwhile, the new glasses, though imperfect, provide some relief. The left lense is fine, and I can see distance okay with both eyes. It's the closer viewing that's poses the problems. Seems I've developed a very slight astigmatism in the right eye and it plays old Harry whenever I try to focus on anything less than a yard away, like a computer screen. For now, I can manage if I sit back in my chair... yeah, looks okay.

Once the problem is straightened out, I should be able to see fine, far and near, but they recommended that I get a pair of glasses specifically for use while working at the computer. Rats. Between the two pairs of glasses and the new roof on the house-- I don't want to think about it. Such a lot of money, and so little to show for it. It's depressing...

But my eyes feel better. And when the roof is done, I won't have to worry about the ceiling of the guest room falling in, and the gutters won't make waterfalls over both the front and back stairs every time it rains.

I ought to be working... but I don't feel like it. The "real" work, like updating websites, just seems deadly boring right now. And the writing, well, oddly enough, I seem to have lost my focus. I can't for the life of me remember why it is I ever thought I ought to write, or what it was I thought I had to contribute... I can't remember why I thought the stories I've been working on would be worth the effort... hmph...

Perhaps it will come back to me.

Meanwhile, I guess I'll finish setting up my new business cards and letterhead, and work the kinks out of the script formatting styles I've finally set up in my word processing program...

Then I think I'll go to bed and read for a while-- hey, would you like to read some un-produced scripts from Rob Thomas's recent short run TV show, Cupid? The scripts are very good-- the show was very good. Too bad it didn't get picked up. Enjoy!


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