4 March 99

I'm tired, and I'm cold, and the wind is blowing hard. When it comes out of the south it makes the weather stripping around the back door sound like there's a trumpeting elephant in the kitchen. It's a neat sound. Another of the neat things about this house. I just hope the door stays shut. Temperature is in the 20's tonight-- a big change from last night's 50's. We've been having rain and thunderstorms and wild winds, but it's been mild. Until today...

I have survived the curse of the chain mail-- so far. My friends, too, as far as I know. But, how is my luck running? Hard to say...

Last night I got stupid... well, look, nobody can spell pumpernickel. Nobody. So that wasn't my fault. And, as for candelabra, well, it's my sister-in-law's fault. She never should have deferred to me and my "candellabra"-- in fact, that's probably grounds for committal-- so that's not my fault, technically.

What bothers me is why I insisted on putting a second "b" in treble. I had it right, then, at the very last moment, I stuck another "b" in. Why? Who knows? It just didn't look right as "treble." And we lost the spelling bee. Three lousy words out of I don't know how many, and we get pumpernickel, treble, and candelabra-- rats. Rats, rats, rats, rats, rats-- I still think I was taught to spell it candellabra. I swear it has two l's. Really-- Hey! Someone has been tampering with my dictionary.

Rats. I'm going to bed.

(Hands up everyone who noticed that I can't spell "neice.")


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