23 July 99

I write a lot of notes to myself, on scraps of paper, covering a lot of subjects. I find them everywhere. Sometimes the notes are important. Sometimes not. Sometimes they make no sense whatsoever. Sometimes they are very interesting, or very useful. Sometimes not. (But I must have thought they were interesting or important at the time, right?)

During the day, I put the notes in my pockets. If it's important, I put the note in my breast pocket where it will crackle and not get totally forgotten. (I always clean out breast pockets when I take off a shirt.) Less important notes are put in my pants pocket. (I usually don't find those until I'm changing my pants, transferring the contents of my pockets.) If the note has something to do with work, or with projects I'm working on, I put it in the work bag I carry. (I may not look at those until the next time I'm at work, and then only if I remember that I had previously put notes in there, or accidently because I'm looking for something else. Sometimes notes accumulate in the bottom of my bag, not to be found until I clean the thing out.)

Once found, I don't always know what to do with the notes-- the one that haven't "expired," I mean. Those I toss out. But some require action, and some are informational. If it's a really important note requiring action, I usually hang it with my keys on the paperclip on the front door so that I'll see it the next time I'm leaving the house. (Which doesn't mean I'll take any action, but at least I'm be aware of whatever it is, and can feel guilty about ignoring whatever it is I ought to be doing.)

Some notes don't require immediate action, so I put them aside and they pile up on tables, or counters, or my work desk, awaiting disposition. (They remain there until I either do something about them or they "expire." Then I toss them.)

The notes containing useful or interesting information pose the greatest problem because I haven't got any way of filing and cross- referencing them. These notes remain in piles scattered througout the house. I am loathe to chuck them out because I know I'll want the information sooner or later (otherwise I wouldn't have written it down). Sometimes, I transcribe the information into my paper journal. But there's no way of me being able to look it up later (unless I want to read through reams and reams of drivel)-- that's if I even remember that there was something I wanted to look up. If I don't remember that I ever had whatever the information was, well, it's as lost at the Knowledge of the Ancients.

Tonight, changing, I found two notes in my breast pocket:

Note 1 (requiring action):

"Windows 98 -- TWEAKUI: tools/reskit/powertoy"

I e-mailed that information to my brother I recently helped him restore a clean version of Windows 95, which allowed him to upgrade to a working version of Windows 98. But his verson of TWEAKUI which he downloaded from somewhere or other wouldn't work in '98. The tech mavin from work told me TWEAKUI comes with '98 and even told me exactly where to find the file.

Note 2 (informational & interesting):

TEQUILA: "Blue Agave Blanco "silver"
Reposadas = aged 1 yr
Añejos = "brandy"

1/2 jigger sweet vermouth
1/2 jigger dry vermouth
1/2 jigger Campari

1 jigger añejos tequila
dash of bitters

Serve over crushed ice with a lemon twist."

The recipe and info about tequila was in the current issue of GQ which I was reading while I minded the stand tonight. (Someone gave my cousin Peter a subscription.) I don't drink hard liquor often, and I've only had Margaritas twice I can remember-- I mean, I think I only have had them twice: I wouldn't remember times when I had them if I had forgotten, would I?-- and they were okay, but nothing to write home about. And I hate the smell of tequila. I suppose that's why I've always wondered why some people like tequila so much-- my cousin Peter loves Margaritas. I wrote the notes & the recipe down thinking that, perhaps, the "silver" or the Reposadas or the Añejos will taste better to me... I like Armanac, after all. Next time I'm over at the liquor store, I'll check to see if they've got any of the "good" stuff...

Looking over the second note I wonder: Why a lemon, not a key lime? And, What the heck is tequila made from, anyway?




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