18 July 99

It's about 5 ayem and cool enough to go work in the garden. I have a bunch of pot-bound and severely distressed plants that I rescued from the farm stand that I want to put in a safe place and water. I still have to figure out where they ought to be planted, so I can't put them in just yet. I think the spot by the back wall will do for most, but there are a few that may require more sun than they'll get there (the maple tree shades that spot from noon until late afternoon)... Hmmm...

There were a lot more plants I would like to have rescued, but I really don't have suitable space for many more plants...

Even though I've lived here for 12 years, it's still hard to predict which plants will do well where. The soil has changed over the years, going acid in many areas; and the pattern of sun has changed dramatically because of the tree damage over the last few winters. The breaking of my pine's boughs and the death of the neighbor's dogwood has made the backyard much sunnier. The peony likes the change, but other plants do not-- the plants know it's not as sunny as it seems to me. Roses couldn't grow there.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...





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