1 July 99

In honor of our upcoming Fourth of July Independence Day holiday, her's a little quiz. It's multiple choice. Good luck.

1. When did the second Continental Congress declare our (the U.S.'s) Independence?

2. Who was King of England when Independence was declared?

3. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

4. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

5. When George Washington crossed the Delaware River (remember the famous painting?), he was going to:

That's it. I got most of the questions from the History Channel.





1. July 2, 1776. The Declaration was read publicly on July 4th.

2. George III was the Monarch we loved to hate.

3. Tom Jefferson wrote the Declaration. In the first draft he included freedom for the slaves, but the rest of the members decided they'd never be able to get the support they'd need, so it was taken out. (P.S. Jefferson didn't free his slaves because Virginia law stipulated that freed slaves had to leave the territory immediately; therefore, they would be on their own, unprotected, with no means of support. Tom wasn't a rotten person. He was a responsible one.)

4. Yeah, it was signed at the bottom, but it was also signed in Philadelphia.

5. Trenton, NJ. He was on his way to the Battle of Trenton.


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