2 February 99

Who knew there would be so many pitfalls in creating a website? This week I found out that the new, improved monitors were tiling the background image I had created, making the journal entries unreadable through the stripe the tiling created down the right side of the screen. I am therefore back to a single-edged background image. Rats.

And who would have thought that the new monitors wouldn't compensate for the background images widths? Or that they would behave so oddly with text and tables, even when relative fonts and widths are specified?

I know there have always been problems with different versions of different browsers interpreting pages differently. I could wish I owned a new monitor, and had the latest versions of the latest browsers; but, I suppose if I had created my site using a all the up-to-date equipment and software, it would still appear odd more times than not.

Perhaps it will all get sorted out. Perhaps not. I never went into this endeavour thinking I could win. Not easily, anyway.

Back to work...


Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today, so... is winter over? If he'd seen his shadow, we'd have six more weeks of winter, in spite of Spring not starting until March twenty somethingth. As with other oracles, there is an element of interpretive uncertainty here.

Perhaps we should pass a law, like they did in Camelot where winter "exits March the second on the dot."


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