6 December 98


  It's a beautiful day-- and warm enough to keep the back door open! People will be out in shorts buying Christmas Trees again today... a good day to listen to some Jimmy Buffett... Coconut Telegraph is a good place to begin...

I've been neglecting this Journal somewhat, but the neglect hasn't been entirely voluntary. Last week I was constrained from working on the computer for three days because of eyestrain and visual migraines-- not to mention the pinched nerve in my shoulder that makes my left arm go numb-- all a result of the stress generated by the work I've been doing. I need a vacation. In the islands. Margaritaville. I did enter a contest on the J. Crew site: first prize is a trip around the world. I hope I win.

The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful... well now, that's just the start of a well-deserved overdue binge...

Rats. I do have to get the CD player fixed. I think I'll go open a beer and sit on the back porch for a while. 'Later...



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